What is so compelling about ‘Objects In This Rearview’ – easily Travis Montez’s most ambitious work to date- is the author’s gift for pinpointing the precise cost exacted on a child whose tender heart must endure the most heart-wrenching of circumstances.

With each poem, Montez spins a raw, emotional story using so few words you will find yourself doubling back to understand how he accomplishes such precision.

In the end, you may conclude as I have, that what gives this text so much power is its simple honesty. Something that lands like a punch in the gut. Montez’s hopes and dreams are the collection’s redemption. They dazzle so brightly through this text that you will find yourself cheering for Montez, hoping against all odds that as he endures the worst kind of pain, he will come out the other side go it believing love can heal more than it can hurt. As the author himself so aptly puts it, “…no one makes it out of childhood with everything.” Through it all, Montez emerges triumphant, made all the richer for what he’s lost.”

Liz Murray
NYT’s Bestselling author
of Breaking Night: My
Journey from Homeless to Harvard

Objects In This Rearview – a poetry collection


Travis Montez has returned with his sixth, and perhaps most compelling and introspective collection of poetry: OBJECTS IN THIS REARVIEW. Here, Travis Montez grapples with masculinity, family ties, desire, intimacy, the lasting impact of child abuse, and love with unflinching clarity and poignant, raw honesty.

Released on January 23, 2018

Objects In This Rearview Vol 2: The Roads In Me


Spoken-word album (and more!), coming summer 2018.

Objects In This Rearview Vol 3


Travis Montez continues the journey in this final installment of the OITR Trilogy. Details to come. You don’t want to miss it.